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Services I provide

Hire Mandy

Hire mandy for a psychic event or paranormal investigation: please fill out enquiry form to hire mandy out for your event.


Mandy also teaches Psychic Development, How to read Tarot and Angel Cards, Dowsing, and House Cleansing. All courses are tailored to the individual.


Linking in with spirits of loved ones that have passed away, and passing on messages to the client.

Tarot Reading

A tarot reading is the use of cards to determine the clients past, present and future. It is a very matter of fact way of the reader to explain what was, what is and what will be. I always however say to the client that you are the maker of your own destiny and only you can change it.

Angel Card Reading

An angel card reading is just as it says. The angels guide the reader to the give the client a reading on the cards that you have chosen. The cards that I use are all by Doreen Virtue who has written several books on the angels. The cards are beautifully created with messages on them.


Dowsing has been around for many years. I work with the dowser for a number of things which include: questions that the client needs answers to, getting rid of non-serving energies (energies that make you feel low and upset your system), helping spirit pass into the light (when a spirit is lost and cannot see the light of their own accord). This is a very powerful tool and is channelled though the reader from source/angels. This reading can be done on its own or with any of the other treatments that I do.

House Cleansing

Clearing a home or dwelling of non serving energy or entities there are various ways of doing this.


Clearing clients aura but removing blocks from clients Chakra’s (energy centres).


Holding a item that belongs to a client and getting information from this item to enhance a reading.

Full readings

A full reading is a selection of services listed. The times for Full readings cannot be determined. Full readings can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours this depends upon the client.

Party Bookings

I do like to take group readings. These can be for a party or just a few friends that want to get together. Prices depend on how many people and how much time I have. I try not to take more than 10 people at a time. Usually readings for a party booking last between 10-20 minutes per person. Please contact me for details.
I would need a £50 non-refundable deposit for party bookings.