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After a near death experience at the age of 5...I discovered from the age of about 7 that I had a gift of receiving messages from spirit. I blocked this gift out of my life (as people may have thought that I was a little mad) until 2006. It was a very traumatic year for me personally but a very rewarding one. I woke up spiritually and started to feel and experience the gifts that I had always had. I then decided that it was time to share my gift with others and also speak with others who were just "awaking spiritually" and also teach them how they could use their gift for the highest good. I work with my guides and also the presence of angels are always there to bring their loving light into my readings. I have also started to do paranormal investigations. I love paranormal investigations as this allows me to use my gift of communicating with spirit in a different way. Please see below a short description of what I offer:

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Dip.D.Ther.,Dip. Div, Dip.Acp, Member of: SNUi